The Wonders of Vinegar

Bottles of Various Types of Vinegar

Vinegar is great for amping up the flavor in your meals. Focusing on acid for seasoning helps to enhance flavor, especially when you aren't adding salt. And vinegars of all kinds are perfect for this.

How you can use vinegar to make delicious food

If you're a vinegar newbie, infused balsamic vinegar is a great place to start. They are typically reduced which makes them thicker, so they are more like a syrup, while also making them sweeter and less acidic. This makes it perfect to use as a stand-alone dressing for your greens or salad.

The thickness also allows it to coat and stick to foods like you would need when roasting veggies. Just toss your veggies with the infused balsamic, sprinkle on any seasoning you like and roast away. Because they come in so many different flavors, both sweet and savory, infused balsamics are a great way to get started with vinegar.

But once you get your feet wet, the possibilities are almost endless! There are so many varieties of vinegar to choose from, you're sure to find something you love — balsamic, wine, rice, apple cider, even plain white vinegar. Just make sure it doesn't have any added salt or sugar and add it to anywhere you want to add a little zing.

  • Salad
  • Greens
  • Fruit
  • Soup, stew, and chili
  • Bean & Grain Bowls
  • Stir-"Fry"
  • Breakfast Grains

Vinegar may not be a whole food, but its health and flavor benefits make it a perfect fit for eating healthy.

Why is vinegar good for you?

Vinegar consumption has been linked to:

The health benefits of vinegar have been linked to its acetic acid content, which by definition is what makes vinegar, well, vinegar.

Vinegar's effect on artery function starts with the acetic acid creating a chain reaction in the body. This reaction helps boost Nitric Oxide production which helps signal our arteries to open up, improving blood flow.

Vinegar's effect on blood sugar regulation seems, at least partly, due to acetic acid reducing insulin resistance. This allows for sugar in the blood to be removed faster.

For the optimal amounts and the science behind these health benefits check out: